5 June 2012

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be saving. But tell me how I was supposed to resist an offer like a student plus one membership to the showroom cinema for only £40. I love independent cinemas, and I'm very lucky here in Sheffield to have a brilliant one.

My membership means £1 off every ticket, points which add up to free tickets, 10% discount on food at the bar and loads of other treats that crop up every now and again. The plus one part basically means that I can take somebody else along with me who gets the same loyalties. And as I don't often go to the cinema alone I figured that would be handy - plus it saved me having to buy Nathan his own membership! You also get two free tickets for signing up so we used them up on The Angels' Share, a Ken Loach film which I fell in love with when I watched the trailer. It sure didn't disappoint.

I actually caught the trailer at another fantastic film I saw recently, Moonrise Kingdom from the director of Fantastic Mr Fox, Wes Anderson. Another brilliantly heartwarming film, I definitely suggest that if you have the chance you should go and watch them both.

I'm hoping that now I'm a member, or a "Soulmate" as it's called (adorable), I'm hoping I'll treat myself to cinema trips much more frequently and get to watch plenty more films like these. There is definitely something magical about catching a film at the cinema, such a luxury. Saying that, my DVD collection is forever growing and I don't think my habit of picking up desperately cheap films is going to stop anytime soon. 

Also if you follow my twitter you may have caught the next thing I am desperate to catch at Showroom. 
I need to book really quickly if I want to go and see it as they're almost sold out now. A little more expensive than your usual film but what an idea! I'd love to see both showings, to compare how they do each role. I love it so much as it toys with the idea of who is really the monster, one of the main themes I picked up from the novel. Both brilliant actors too so I'm sure it'll be amazing. If I do miss it, I'll be praying that they bring it out on DVD super fast!

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