14 June 2012

 Three of my favourite things about being home alone are, lazing around in my knickers, talking to myself and exersising without anybody else around to see how unfit I am. So this afternoon I decided to act on the latter, tossing my hair into quick plaits and putting my amazing cycle shorts to some use. I bought them from COW Vintage a couple of months back with every intention to join the gym, but as I'm still poor I'm having to make do with my own home regime. I used to take limbering classes, back when I was a dancer, so I've decided to start trying to get my flexibilty back and use some of those exercises.

I wanted to buy a giant over sized 70s print vest to go with these vibrant lycras, but for now stealing a plain one from the fella will have to do. I believe it's from H&M, one of my favourite things to borrow as it's super soft and fits just the way I want it to.

 Later I plan to do another twenty minutes or so of flex, watch the euros, and read some more. I'm about half way through Jack Kerouac's On The Road and it's brilliant. Anybody who likes travel writing, or has the remotest dream of seeing America should definitely pick it up.


  1. ah your style is amazing! you pull this off so well x

  2. COW is one of my fave places in sheffield, love your shorts! xx

  3. I love how you used floral print biker shorts here, such an awesome look :)