1 February 2013

Twenty Facts

A fair few of these have cropped up on my reading list, so in the spirit of blogging I thought I'd join in. Excuse the shoddy little web-cam shot above, it's not the right hour for fine photography.  Here is some random, and fairly honest information about yours truly:

1. I'm incredibly average. Height, weight, shoe size, hair colour, eye colour. I don't even have any allergies. Through my childhood I was never recognisable, and even through college tutors wouldn't know my name or my face in a crowd. It probably doesn't help that I'm not very out-spoken in public either. I think it's probably partly the reason that I like to alter my looks now as an adult.

2. I'm absolutely terrified of change. It's held me back a lot in life, as I tend to settle into situations rather than rock the boat and cause drastic change in any aspect of my life.

3. I have a handful of friends that I would do anything in the world for, but in general I'm quite reserved about people. I'm very judgemental and always presume that people don't like me. I do, however, usually have quite a good judge of character, and if I feel a good vibe from somebody I'll make a good effort.

4. I'm currently obsessing over Charles Manson. Yes, the "crazy-cult-leader-murderer-guy". I recommend that everybody reads "Without Conscience" before they make their minds up about him. I'd like his adorable face tattooing on my foot. 

5. I would very much like to be covered in tattoos. Well, not head to toe, but I would like plenty more. I see them as art, and I am still very much in love with all of my current ones, including the ones that were done with the tattoo gun that is sitting downstairs in my house. I am still yet to tattoo my house-mates, but I feel like it's going to happen really soon.

6. Ginger and Chai are my favourite flavours. Especially in tea.

7. I suffer from panic attacks. There is more to it than that but I don't really like talking about all of that boring stuff. I'm my mother's daughter in terms of my crazy little mind, and I know she hates it, but I don't blame her one bit. I also have her arthritic knees. Sometimes you wouldn't believe I'm only 21 from the amount I click/seize up. I'd go to the doctors about it but I'm afraid of them.

8. I'm an on-off vegetarian, basically due to the fact that I wouldn't be able to kill an animal myself, so I feel like I have no right to eat them. I think if I lived alone I would be totally veggie, but it always turns out to be more convenient to share with meat-eaters. Terrible, I know.

9. I have terrible claustrophobia, which is a real pain when the submission desk and many of my lessons at university are on floors ten and eleven. 

10. Going to Sheffield for university was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I've really come into my own as a person here, and met some people that have and continue to totally shape my life. I hope to stay on here for another year at least if I can find a job. I don't think I'm ready to move on just yet.

11. I love buying gifts for people. Whether that be something that I spent a few pence on, or a pricey present, I don't think there are many things that can make you feel so brilliant as brightening somebody's day a little by bringing them something unexpected that they would appreciate. It's probably why I am always poor, but I'd rather go without certain luxuries myself if it means I can keep up that habit.

12. I hate public displays of affection. But I like them when they're secret.

13. The number thirteen makes me uneasy. I'm not particularly superstitious but there is no harm in avoiding it. Also the number fifty two crops up in my life all of the time. If anybody knows anything about all things numerology, maybe let me know if that means anything?

14. I'm a little bit of a feminist. 

15. Pressure decisions are my worst enemy. I will always rather the person/people I'm with tell me what we're doing. Unfortunately I seem to attract other indecisive folk as friends.

16. I love film. I love the cinema. I love collecting DVDs. I love watching new films and I love re-watching favourites. Film is an absolute passion of mine that I never wanted to study so that I didn't taint it with over-analysis.

17. I cry incredibly easily, in terms of laughing too much, or shedding a tear at an emotional film. At school my friends used to say that my eyes were so watery they were constantly on the brink of spilling. Maybe it's because they're quite large.

18. I think that people who aren't a little weird are boring. Quirks and even flaws make a person.

19. My best friend and house-mate Sophie is in the process of making me a plaque to put up on my wall that says, "Just because you're a cunt, doesn't mean everybody else is". She's told me it's a rule I need to learn to live by because I'm automatically assume the worst. And that's pretty much why she's my best friend. Also because a lot of the time we look like a couple.

20. I live in hope that when I die my bucket list will be completely ticked off. I haven't even written it yet though, so fingers crossed I have a few years left in me.

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