10 February 2013

This month's Now Then is on the streets and on-line ( http://nowthenmagazine.com/ ) featuring my review of The Payroll Union, my new favourite piece of Folk from Sheffield. If you haven't checked them out before I strongly suggest that you do -  they score top marks on both grizzly vocals and luscious beards, there isn't really anything not to like.

Today is being spent with Sophie making all kinds of plans for after we graduate in the Summer. We've started to seriously look into prices for two beds close to where I currently work, which is pretty much the best news in the world ever. Our house will be full of records, fairy lights and food in attractive packets. We'll cover our mantel piece with badly photo-shopped pictures of her with Sting, buy twosies, and never frown again. Excited just ain't the word.

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