13 February 2013

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, believe it or not. This year will be the first in about six years that I haven't been in a relationship. I've actually not even considered that until I wrote it just then, how absolutely bizarre. I'm not at all upset by this fact, however, as it's never really mattered to me. Don't get me wrong, I have been spoilt with thoughtful gifts in the past, and I'm never one to turn down the opportunity to buy a loved one a cute card, but it has always seemed a bit contrived for my liking. Perhaps I've become bitter and cynical as a singleton, but I don't think you should need a mark on your calender to tell you when to prove that you like somebody? It also doesn't bother me that I'm breaking the chain of being "officially taken" on Valentine's, because I'm completely happy with my relationship status right now. It's kind of nice having things all a little up in the air and I've been having a whole lot of fun these past few weeks.

I think tomorrow will be quite lovely actually.


  1. It's so refreshing to hear from someone at peace with Valentine's Day! Hardly anyone seems to have had anything positive to say this year, single or not. I agree that there shouldn't need to be a reason to show a loved one how special they are, but I also don't get why some people act like it's SUCH a chore. It's so silly. Hope you had a lovely day :) x

  2. i love your hair! <3