28 February 2013

Quick February Round-up

1|Sample from the collage I made at my friend Warren's art night #CutNStick 
2|Make-up-less "selfie" after a very enjoyable night 
3|Valentine's card and present from my long-term girlfriend, Sophie

For a month that has always been one of my least favourites, I've had a really enjoyable February - plenty of working and playing hard has been tiring, but rewarding. With deadlines looming over next month, I can't see that things are going to get any slower in pace, but I shan't be complaining just yet. Today's peek of sunshine is also very promising, I really can't wait for a little more Spring in our steps, Sheffield is 100 times more pleasant when the sun is shining.

The three photos above are taken from my instagram - you are all more than welcome to find me @TashaFranek which matches my twitter. Feel free to leave me your twitter/instagram/blogs, I'm always looking for new people to follow. 

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  1. Nice to know I inspired this post :) I love reading posts like this, I'm so so nosey haha! Glad that you had a lovely February x