4 April 2013

A face not fit for public viewing, but I had ANOTHER fringe-trim, ain't it pretty.

A belated Happy Easter lovely readers! I was fortunate enough to hit 100 GFC followers whilst I was away but some little tyke has backed out so I'm back down to 99, rats. That being said, a big thank you to my now unofficial 100th follower Dani from Floral Danielle (I urge you check out her fantastic blog).

Dorset was exactly as I hoped it would be, a perfectly rejuvenating escape, which was over far too quickly. It was lovely to visit a couple of beaches, spend a little time with my extended family and do a lot of sleeping-in. It wasn't warm, but we did get sunshine on a couple of days, the South is always pretty magical. By avoiding any kind of work for almost a whole week now I've put even more pressure on myself for my return to Sheffield on Sunday, but it was inevitable really - I'm useless at being organised. I'm actually looking forward to getting back now, which is mainly down to a couple of very pretty faces that I'm beginning to miss quite terribly. Only a few days until the wedding too - I finally bought my dress! I'll post photos after the wedding so you can see my date and I looking fly together, but its a summery floral floor-length number, and I'm very pleased with it! Once I've been paid tomorrow I'm planning on scouring the net for a tikka or headpiece that will arrive super quickly!

My Dad has recorded a documentary on Radiohead for me to watch this evening, over another handful Baileys coffees; perfect.

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  1. Aww thanks for the mention sweetie! :)
    What a shame someone was mean and unfollowed! You'll get a new follower soon enough haha!