30 April 2013

April 2013

1| Tyneham beach in the Sunshine on Easter Monday
2| Becki and I having lots of fun and being drunk on wine at her brother's wedding
3| One of the many procrastination treats that Sophie and I have spoilt ourselves with, at the beautiful Cocoa Wonderland

I am once again up to my eyes in end-of-term related stress, so apologies for the blogging lull as standard. Tomorrow I hand in my penultimate assignment, which I have barely started so will probably be up all night having a panic attack over. By the time I do my round-up of next month I will have officially finished uni, how dreadfully frightening.

Although I am still wrapped up in essays and revision currently, I have an absolute tonne of exciting things to look forward to which are getting me through - this summer is going to be so much fun. Also I parted with thirty pounds in order to buy a ticket for my graduation ball today, which is on the 13th I believe. I have my eye on a beautiful full-length black number which I will try to persuade my Mother to contribute to when she comes over to visit at the weekend. I tried it on yesterday and felt so glamorous, I really hope that I manage to work out a way to fund it and turn a few heads before I wave goodbye to Sheffield Hallam, glass of champagne in hand. Having never been to black-tie event before, I'm really excited to twirl the night away with my partner-in-crime surrounded by handsome gentlemen in suits. We may even fork out for a room in the hotel afterwards so we can continue to pretend that we are made of money, with cheap fizzy wine and room-service breakfast. It's what me and my bestie do best.

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