11 April 2013

Tuesday I accompanied my beautiful friend in the Silver bridesmaid dress, Becki, to her brother's wedding in Doncaster. I wore this floral maxi dress, from New Look surprisingly (I'm not usually a huge fan) with signature 90s-esque ebay goodies. I'm super pleased with the dress cause I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of it on the beaches of Malta when I go with my family in the summer. I also wore my Litas, but it was difficult enough getting these couple of pictures!

The wedding was lovely, and I can't thank Becki enough for inviting me. We drank a lot of red wine, blew a lot of bubbles and danced to a lot of slow romantic songs, it was as pretty as a picture. We'd decided to get the last train back to Sheffield as we both had university the next morning, which ended up being a really funny little adventure, both of us stumbling across the centre of Donny, looking for the station, in heels and pretty dresses, screaming Taylor Swift lyrics and yelling at each other in Scottish accents. Loads of cuddles for Becki for being such a babe.

I'm over 100 followers for definite now! Thank you new readers <3 I have a couple of exciting discounts to offer you within the week so keep your eyes peeled!

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