13 April 2013

 Calling all tea lovers

I was recently contacted by Matt and Sarah, the genius minds behind the up-and-coming LoveTea delivery service. Not dissimilar to the very popular LOVEFiLM and graze, LoveTea is a pay-monthly and receive a delicious treat in the post kind of deal. As a big tea drinker with an open mind to all sorts of new and exotic gourmet teas, I was super excited to try my first batch. The tea arrived very quickly in the post and comes with everything you need for the perfect tea experience.

This month's hand selected tea is Wild Excelsior, an Oolong tea from Paksong in Laos, and boy is it good. I drank mine black with one sugar as I always feel that a little sweetener helps to bring the flavours out of exciting teas. Along with your tea and DIY teabags, you're given a little bit of background to your treat, and how long to brew it for to get the best taste. I think I may have been a little impatient with mine, but I also piled more into the teabag than was actually needed so it worked out okay! There is more than I thought there would be in the sample packet too, I might even be kind enough to let my housemates try a little and get them on board with the tea-lovin.

I'm super excited to inform you all that LoveTea have been kind enough to offer my beautiful readers a brilliant  40% off your first month. If that isn't a good enough excuse to treat yourself with super tasty tea then I don't know what is! Hop on over to their website right away: http://www.lovetea.co/ and when you get to the checkout put KINDLYT40 into the Promo Code box. It'll work with any of the packages, so it's totally up to you how much you want to indulge. 

In other particularly exciting news, this is my 100th blog post! Thank you again to all of my friends and followers, it's a really great feeling to know that I've attracted a little interest! It's always lovely to hear from you.


  1. I saw the "Calling all tea lovers" and immediately came here! Wow what a great idea! Special teas being delivered to me - I would feel so posh.. Sign me up!

    1. Get yourself signed up, I'm sure you'll love it. Also if you write about it on your blog and follow them on Twitter @loveteaco they'll give you a retweet I'm sure!


    2. Glad you like the idea!

      Don't forget 40% with the exclusive KINDLYT40 =)

  2. Tea is gross i much prefer cherryade

  3. Hi TeaLovingShamrock - glad you like the concept - we Love Tea!

    What's your contact details - I couldn't find your email address to reach out.

    Don't forget you can signup or sample LoveTea here: http://www.lovetea.co/tea-delivered-monthly/


    Matthew & Sarah

  4. This looks awesome, also love your mug! x

    1. Yes the mug is awesome - we should add it to this list: