5 April 2013

Film Club Fridays
DIRECTOR: Wes Anderson

This week, rather than review a new release I've decided to pay tribute to one of my very favourite directors, the fantastic Wes Anderson. Stylistically, you don't get much better - I don't think there is a single director with a more recognisable house style. Everything is so very very aesthetically pleasing, central and well framed. I have a special adoration for the tracking shots which fill almost every single one of his films. In terms of content, I love his take on the "dysfunctional family" and the humour is pretty much spot on for a collection which deal with some surprisingly sensitive issues to say that on surface level they're cutesy and fun.

I find it really hard to pick a favourite as they're all so wonderful, but I think it's probably a toss-up between The Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom - if you haven't seen either of those, make sure you get them watched. I had the pleasure of catching the latter at the pictures, on a particularly hot and sunny day, not at all well suited for the cinema - but it was totally worth it. I keep promising myself that I'll buy a copy on DVD and force all of my Anderson-loving friends to watch it with me.

Check out how adorable it is:

I could bore you with pages upon pages of wonderful words on this glorious man, but I'll keep it short and sweet. An Anderson-Marathon is definitely in order for a lazy day off from writing in the not too distant future. In other film related news, I am now officially a member of LOVEFiLM again! They're running a special offer at the minute where you get 3 months for the price of 1, which for the online package that I have is only £4.99, so it's a steal really! If anybody is interested in getting this couple of months free, a friend of mine works on commission for them, so it would be great to help him out by letting him pinch you as a sign-up. (How cheeky of me).


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